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Take a look below at some of the insurance services we provide. Click Here to view some of the carriers we represent. Then let one of our agents discuss your needs and help you find the best option for you and your family. You can also request a quote using our online quote forms.

Auto Insurance with maximum value for your dollar

  • More than 15 insurance companies to choose from. You choose the coverage, we tell you which carrier provides the best deal. Check our great rates now: Quick Quote
  • Safe Driver, Multi-Car, Accident Forgiveness and more
  • Superior Claims Service by our Insurance Carriers
  • A detailed review by our staff of all possible options

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Homeowners Insurance that fits your needs!

Homeowners Insurance in Florida is notoriously difficult. The State Insurer, Citizens, is sometimes the only option, but not all the time. Our experienced agents know with which company you get the best coverage for the best price. We do not only have to be concerned about the usual risks like fire and theft but also for weather related catastophies. Windstorm and Flood Insurance is very important. We can tailor made a policy for you depending on your needs. We will advise you how you can save money without giving up coverage. Some customers are very surprised when they learn all the options they have. We insure home owners, condo owners and renters.
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Business Insurance that fits your needs!

For your Business Insurance needs you want our experts to suggest what you really need an do not need. We insure Business for Property, Liability and Worker's compensation coverages. Lately we insured condo buildings, restaurants, stores, contractors, truckers and so much more. Call us or fill out one of our quote forms and we get back to you as fast as we can.
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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance is mandatory in Florida for most businesses. It is heavily regulated by the State but they still are a lot of options. We have access to lots of different programs for every business need. And our comitment to you does not stop with the sale of a policy. We are here for you for all your questions and concerns. Just call or email us or even better fill out a quote form and we get back to you as soon as we can.

Health Insurance

Best Value and Quality Health Insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida. We insure individuals, groups amd  medicare receipients. Please contact us.

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